Terrorism cancer spread in Pakistan is not easy to cure; ‘PAF camp Badaber Assault’

After the assaults on PAF in Kamra & PAF Camp Badaber,Peshawar: The question on everybody’s mind is what is the real significance behind such assaults on our Air and military bases? What are the real agendas behind such targeted assaults? USA’s excessive fears of China and its over the board attempts to court India to contain China have turned US foreign policy into a dangerous chess-game in the region. We are in the center of a regional conflict between India and Pakistan which has been provoked by short-sighted US policies off late.badaber 1US being the only real global authority as off now, above everything else needs stability for itself. These attacks by various proxies increase risks for all sides involved. India schemes to counter China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Narendra Modi’s continuous policy of keeping Pakistan’s eastern borders on boil fits into the larger game of keeping Pakistan squeezed from all sides. Such kind of tactics are used tog distract and gain time.
Modi 1On top of this US and its policy makers have fed anti-Pakistan hysteria in their media as well. Not to forget, one cannot cancel out the role of Iran in all these political and military developments, keeping in view recent shift in American policy toward Iran and it’s hold on Shia groups in Afghanistan. These assaults serve to destroy the growing feeling of public confidence and will remind Pakistani citizens, law enforcement agencies, government and businessmen of the continuing insecurity and danger. This new wave of terrorist assaults against Air Force and military bases are reflecting many things in general i.e; regenerated confidence, financial and logistical support and signalling from somewhere. This will also be used by the media assets of our both our neighbors to start a new propaganda to create fear & panic.

Let me reiterate few facts behind this upsurge in terrorist assaults recently.
Little did India know these proxy wars sponsored by them has helped Pakistan army in gaining the real war exercise experience, much collaborated attacks by army and Air force and rapid counter terrorism squads in military which were non existent or not functioning properly before operation Zarb-e-Azb.
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z 9 z 6 z 4Pakistani army has greater hold on tribal areas now, it’s backing towards Ashraf Ghani’s government in Kabul, it’s rolling back of criminal gangs and street violence in Karachi, it’s successes in containing insurgency in Balochistan and influencing some of these insurgent leaders to think of a better settlement. To much of our relief there were significant gains in Balochistan in the last few months. Pakistan army is also building pressure on sectarian outfits in Punjab are some of the many factors that are contributing to a renewed national confidence and a positive mood across Pakistan. This positive new drive if allowed to continue will slowly but surely help Pakistan to change its impression across the world. This will in turn grow our domestic and international investment climate. As operation Zarb-e-Azb draws to it’s logical conclusion, even Nawaz Shareef government is showing it’s flexibility to work with military on foreign policy issues is also troubling for Modi.
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India on the other hand is using the media in Afghanistan to poison the minds of common Afghan people against Pakistan through their agencies. The recent example of the burning of Pakistani flag reflects the outcome of this vicious media propaganda. Narendra Modi is trying to prevent Pakistan from emerging out of its post 9/11 dilemma. Modi’s government is conspiring to keep Pakistan under pressure in the hope of a larger regional settlement in favor of India. Modi is trying to shift the attention off his government’s internal failures by taking extreme posturing against Pakistan.

As tragic as the PAF camp Badaber assault is, some very positive aspects came out of it which show that Pakistan is changing for the better. Firstly, it was certainly a lapse of security but PAF camp Badaber is a few kilometres away from Tribal Areas and is a high security risk area. However, Quick Response Force (QRF) responded and reached the area within 10 minutes of the first bullet fired by the terrorists. Secondly, 13 fully equipped and trained terrorists came in a heavily populated area to inflict maximum deaths, in hundreds maybe but the joint operation of Military (QRF) and KPK security forces limited the causalities to 29.
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Tehreek-e-Taliban’s assault on this non-flying base suggests that they wanted to get in and out as they thought this base will not be able to hold to such a massive onslaught. Such assaults on Air and military bases have a very strong negative and devious impact on the CPEC and those who are involved with this multi-billion dollar project. These onslaughts on Air and military bases also serves as a forceful message to the world that security situation in Pakistan is getting out of control and even the highly secured areas are not fully secured. Assaults like these represent the challenges that lie ahead on the road to recovery for us.
A more balanced approach from the US, better understanding between US, China and Pakistan is required to improve the regional situation. I, on the other hand think that the best support can come from the politically literate and aware Pakistanis particularly the youth. In these times with end of days, battles on our footsteps we need to prepare ourselves as a nation to undergo these renewed challenges – on the Road to Recovery!!!

** Talha Choudhry is a freelance blogger and a full-time content developer. Interested in but not limited to Geo-politics, Current affairs, Political affairs, National Security, Creative arts & Philosophy in short everything that has anything to do with life. An analyst & a humanitarian who believes in rising above personal prejudices to serve humanity, against oppression & ignorance. By spreading awareness about current geo-political scenarios & the current top developing stories happening inside Pakistan & in the region.


Pakistan was popularly believed to be run by 3 main stake holders; Army, America & Allah; and that too, much to the open fact has been mostly propagated on CNN and BBC. But the real trouble started when one stakeholder got kicked out. You know who !

Pakistani soldiers patrol at an empty bazaar during a military operation against Taliban militants in the main town of Miranshah in North Waziristan on July 9, 2014. Last month Pakistan's military launched a long-awaited offensive in North Waziristan, aimed at wiping out longstanding militant strongholds in the area, which borders Afghanistan. More than 800,000 people have fled a major military offensive against the Taliban in a Pakistani tribal area, officials said Wednesday. AFP PHOTO/Aamir QURESHI
Pakistan started rounding up hardcore terrorists, traitors and looters under operation code-named Zarb-e-Azb which has given indigestion to many western media houses & few enemy governments who could not swallow the fact that Pakistan has come out proudly of the mess that they created. They pushed Pakistani nation in misery through their paid mercenaries TTP & Co. They propagated web of lies against Pakistan to create sense a of insecurity here so that the corrupted elite & looters could shift their businesses and money abroad. The local media sang in chorus on command of its masters, to present Pakistan as a failing state. They claimed that by 2015 it will plunge into same fate as that of Syria, Iraq & Libya.
But as they say Allah had other plans for Pakistan. Pakistan has come a long way. Pakistan is progressing at lightning speed Masha’Allah since General Raheel Shareef took over the baton as COAS. He is a very popular military leader, who since the time he has taken over the military leadership, has turned the war on terror on its head with some miraculous military victories against terrorists under his belt. To showcase his case as a military leader, he is determined to take back what the terrorists stole from his country that is peace & tranquility. Traitors are now found everywhere inside Pakistan. Before this operation no one was standing between these traitors & terrorists but now the security forces have identified them & just needs to eliminate them one by one. The enemy regimes did shower these terrorists with dollars, pound sterling and awards for their geo-political interests. No doubts!! Nations do cooperate which traditionally is seen as either regional or bilateral cooperation in the form of trade or shared multi-sectoral approach to share technology and progress for the ultimate benefit of humanity. But unfortunately nations are being robbed, their regimes are being changed with force, killing innocent humans in millions under the false flags like 9/11, WMD Scare, dictator’s rule, nuclear proliferation fear etcetera. I am sorry to disappoint the enemies of Pakistan but this will not work here anymore even with the help of handful of traitors in media industry & some sold out greedy Politicians.
zarb e azbPakistani public demands accountability of all those looters of this country big or small, influential or bureaucrats. Some of who are residing in expensive mansions sheltered by the West under the deceptive Political Asylum law. Despite the fact that many of them are involved in murders here and abroad. The West usually likes to keep their mouth shut and play the delay tactics on the trials of looters making obvious to the World that their own media and Judiciary are biased and controlled by their agencies and secret services.
nandipurFor all those people out there who brag that Pakistani Army takes up majority of the national budget, the general information on the Budget 2014-15 Pakistan is, PKR 781 Billion is kept for the entire Armed Forces which including strategic Forces and Civil Armed Forces combined. Comparison of Army’s share in the Defense Budget viz-a-viz the National Budget shows that Army’s share is only 7.9% and that is PKR 371 Billion from a total National Budget outlay of PKR 4704 Billion. These people should be asking the Prime Minister where is he spending the rest, if not on health and education when most of the financing in Health sector is shouldered by WHO. I am not going in detail here of his corruption in Nandipur Power project which shut down few minutes after its inauguration and is not since past one month. There is not much to restore it except a committee set up to investigate on corruption to safeguard his relatives who minted money on that billion dollar project.
MQMPrime examples of foreign funded terrorist includes the now failed & collapsed mercenary force within MQM, and their chief terrorist Altaf Hussain who was nurtured and sheltered by the UK government. Is the Western judiciary drunk, not to try him for murder of Mr.Imran Farooq, Pakistani interior ministry has provided the West with ample evidence to take him behind bars unless & until proved not-guilty. They have also provided the evidence of his enraging & foil speeches against our Armed forces as well as security forces. I’m not the spokesperson for Pakistan Army but facts are facts.

** Talha Choudhry is a freelance blogger and a full-time content developer. Interested in but not limited to Geo-politics, Current affairs, Political affairs, National Security, Creative arts & Philosophy in short everything that has anything to do with life. An analyst & a humanitarian who believes in rising above personal prejudices to serve humanity, against oppression & ignorance. By spreading awareness about current geo-political scenarios & the current top developing stories happening inside Pakistan & in the region.